EL5101 Grammatical Analysis 2017

Michael Yoshitaka ERLEWINE (mitcho)
Office: AS5 06-09
Office hours: Thursdays 2–4pm, Fridays 3–4pm
Syllabus PDF (but always see Schedule below for the latest)


Classes are Thursdays at 6pm, in AS5 room 03-09.

Day Topic Reading To submit
Aug 17 Grammatical knowledge; constituency CS1, CS3.2; optional: Chomsky (1986) Survey on IVLE
Aug 24 Building structure CS2, 3, 4.2  
Aug 31 Argument asymmetries, vP CS4 PS1
Sep 7 Subjects CS6.1–6.2; optional: McCloskey (1997)  
Sep 14 More subjects, language reports CS4.5, 6.4; optional: Perlmutter (1998) PS2
Sep 21 Case and agreement (+ Quiz 1) CS6.3; Pesetsky & Torrego (2011)  
Sep 28 Recess Week: No class    
Oct 5 Case and embedded clauses CS8  
Oct 12 Ergativity optional: Legate (2008) PS3 (5101R version)
Oct 19 Auxiliaries and head movement CS5  
Oct 26 V2 and wh-movement CS9 PS4
Nov 2 More movement CS10  
Nov 9 Spell-Out; review   PS5
Nov 16 Quiz 2    
Saturday, November 18: language report due

CSx = section/chapter x in Adger 2003 Core Syntax

Extra problems: Tagalog