Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine mitcho Singapore Associate Professor National University of Singapore.


I am an Associate Professor (Presidential Young Professor) in Linguistics at the National University of Singapore (Department of English, Linguistics, and Theater Studies). I received my Ph.D. from MIT Linguistics in 2014. My lab investigates the structure of sentences (syntax) and how these structures map to meaning (semantics). Much of our work is based on fieldwork on understudied languages, especially of Southeast Asia. I serve as Associate Editor at Glossa and on the Editorial Boards of Natural Language & Linguistic Theory and Journal of East Asian Linguistics.

Areas of interest

  • Movement: (anti-)locality, (anti-)pied-piping, extraction restrictions, interactions with case and agreement, the interpretation of movement chains
  • Alternatives: focus, focus particles, questions, wh-quantification, disjunction, discourse organization (QUDs), implicature calculation

My work has investigated:

See the Projects page for descriptions of projects and downloadable papers.


  • June 2023: Invited talk at International Symposium on Linguistics and Language Applications (ISLLA), City University of Hong Kong (June 5–8)
  • Summer 2023: talks in Japan:
    • June 17–18: LSJ 166, on Malayic morphosyntax with Carly Sommerlot
    • June 23: Semantics Research Group, Keio University, on Vietnamese degree construction syntax/semantics
    • June 24: Waseda University, on focus particle syntax/semantics (anti-pied-piping)
    • June 29: Notre Dame Seishin University, Okayama, on the verbal phase in Austronesian languages
    • July 8–9: JSLS 24, on Tagalog clitic adverb syntax/semantics with Henrison Hsieh
  • June 26–27: Newcastle Verbal Domains workshop (online), presenting on the verbal phase in Austronesian languages


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