Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka and Alexander D. Smith, 2024. “On the syntax of the analytic passive in Kenyah.”
Presented at the First International Sympsium on Bornean Linguistics (ISBL1).

In this talk, we present our work in progress on the formal syntax of the Kenyah ən passive, based on our elicitation work with speakers of Lebo’ Vo’ Kenyah. Specifically, we concentrate on the effects of syntactic locality that govern the choice of passive subject. We show that three types of ən passives — without agents, with preverbal agents, and with postverbal agents — exhibit a three-way distinction in terms of the arguments that they can promote to subject. In particular, we show that agent-ful ən passives can be long-distance and involve non-case-driven (Ā) movement.