Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka, 2020. “Counterexpectation, concession, and free choice in Tibetan and beyond.”
Presented at the 2020 LSA.

The expression’ang in Tibetan is (a) a discourse particle expressing counterexpection (‘however’), (b) a concessive scalar particle (Lahiri 2010; Crnič 2011a,b) and (c) forms free choice items together with wh-words. Morphologically,’ang is a transparent combination of a copula, conditional ending, and even. In this talk, I document these uses of’ang from original fieldwork and propose a compositional semantics which derives this range of uses. Finally, I briefly discuss the extension of this analysis to similar expressions in Dravidian languages (Balusu 2019) and Japanese demo, which cover the range of uses in (a–c) and also derive (for Japanese, historically) from similar ingredients.

See NELS proceedings paper and manuscript on universal free choice