The Ubiquity Favicon: a very important question

As we get close to wrapping up Ubiquity 0.5 (currently planned to ship—fingers crossed—on Monday) one remaining issue is how to incorporate our cute new Cocoia-designed and community-produced icon, the Ubiquibot. The difficult decision is how to take this finely detailed icon and produce a 16 x 16 [[favicon]].

I came up with three different options:

1. ubiquibot-favicon1.png 2. ubiquibot-favicon2.png 3. ubiquibot-favicon3.png

Seeing them on my blog doesn’t quite compare to how they will be used, so here are some screenshots of them in context:1

Skin/command subscription

original.png Current version

favicon1.png Option 1

favicon2.png Option 2

favicon3.png Option 3

In Ubiquity with the Ubiquity Evolved skin

original-command.png Current version

favicon1-command.png Option 1

favicon2-command.png Option 2

favicon3-command.png Option 3

The Poll

Please vote for your favorite option and look forward to seeing Ubiquibot in a browser near you!

(For those of you reading this through a feed reader or planet and don’t see the poll widget below, please visit the permalink to participate.)

  1. For those of you who are wondering, Option 2 is just a wee bit bigger in scale than Option 3, and thus has brighter eyes but is a little cut off on top.