Workshop on Quirks of Subject Extraction

August 10–11, 2017

Location: National University of Singapore, AS7 room 06-42

In many languages of the world, the extraction (e.g. questioning or relativization) of subjects behaves differently from that of non-subject arguments. Such quirks manifest in different forms, but the identification of subjects as the locus of such quirky behavior is remarkably robust across languages. This workshop will bring together a group of established and emerging experts on the cross-linguistic landscape of subject extraction asymmetries, their theory, and implications.

Invited speakers:

  • Edith Aldridge
  • Nico Baier
  • Amy Rose Deal
  • Jamie Douglas
  • Doreen Georgi
  • David Pesetsky
  • Masha Polinsky

Additional details will be posted here. Workshop attendance is free for all.

Organized by Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine. Supported by a grant from the Singapore Ministry of Education.