Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka, Theodore Levin, and Coppe van Urk, 2020. “The typology of nominal licensing in Austronesian voice system languages.”
Proceedings of AFLA 26, pages 71–87.

We propose that much of the variation amongst Austronesian voice system languages in post-verbal word order and the marking of non-pivot arguments can be productively understood by considering differences in the strategies of nominal licensing (Case). We propose two parameters: (i) the accusative parameter: the language does or does not have structural accusative case; (ii) the last-resort licensing parameter: DPs without structural Case-licensing may be licensed either under adjacency with the verb or by insertion of a case marker (genitive). Toba Batak, Balinese, Nanwang Puyuma, and Katipul/Ulivelivek Puyuma exemplify the four language types predicted by these parameters. We also discuss extensions of this approach to Tagalog and Malagasy.