Let’s talk about how cool our localizers are

I uploaded Ubiquity to BabelZilla, an online community and tool for localizing Mozilla-style strings, just a couple days ago and we already have French and Polish complete.1 WOW!


Granted, these are only Ubiquity’s interface strings (for example, the about and settings pages)… the parser localization and command localization have their own processes.2 But this is still a tremendous accomplishment!

Hopefully we can roll some of these complete or almost-complete interface localizations with Ubiquity 0.5.4 which is a minor bugfix update coming soon. If you would like to get involved with localizing the Ubiquity interface strings into your language, get a BabelZilla login and sign up on the Ubiquity project page. Thanks again to our rockin’ localizers!

  1. I received notification that the Polish localization in particular has completed testing and is now ready for release, as I was writing this blog post

  2. Perhaps this anecdote is telling us that having a nice centralized web interface for localizers to work together and without messing with the files directly is a plus. Perhaps we should put up the builtin commands for localization on something like [[Pootle]] or Launchpad. Thoughts, anyone?