Jetpacking in Boston

A couple weeks ago I gave a talk at the Boston Javascript meetup introducing Jetpack and filling people in in the latest developments in the project, including the Reboot. Between 20 to 30 people came to the talk which was at Microsoft Cambridge. Here are the slides from the talk:1

Extend the Browser with Jetpack

I felt the audience was very engaged and we had almost a dozen questions in the question period and throughout. Most of the examples centered around the use of capabilities and the new security model. For example:

  • What level of granularity will the manifests have? Do you have to just say “I use xhr” or “I talk to twitter but not facebook”?
  • What will be the review process for capabilities?
  • What license will capabilities use?

Perhaps I simply did not present this material in the clearest manner (it didn’t help that I didn’t have any particular slides covering the capability and manifest model) but it also reflects the reality that these particulars of the manifests’ security sections are still being fleshed out. I’m looking forward to the next time I speak on Jetpack when hopefully the discussion of the Reboot will be more concrete and I’ll be able to give a clearer overview and demo of these aspects of the Reboot.

  1. If anyone would like the Keynote deck, just let me know.