Extending WordPress talk at the Boston WordPress Meetup

Yesterday I gave a talk at the Boston WordPress Meetup. The Boston WordPress Meetup meets monthly at the Microsoft Cambridge Research Center which is a fantastic venue right on the Charles river. Last night we got to be up on the 10th floor which has a great view of Boston right over the river. There was pretty good turnout, with about thirty or fourty people there.

My talk was a general introduction to WordPress plugin development, beginning with the concepts of actions and filters, and concluding with a description of HookPress, my new plugin which enables webhooks in WordPress. Here are the slides:

The talk included some live coding which is always dangerous, but it all went off without a hitch.

Kurt Eng was kind enough to get video of the talk as well which hopefully we’ll get up on wordpress.tv in the near future. Bryan also sent me a link with some photos on Flickr.

Thank you to all who attended1 and of course to Microsoft who provided the venue and food! The Boston WordPress Meetup is a great community and I hope to keep supporting it and its activities.

  1. For anyone who attended, I would greatly appreciate feedback on the talk at SpeakerRate