Great news! You can opt-out from Omniture’s

Omniture’s disgusting tracking url and Adobe CS3’s use of it has been picking up some dirt recently, starting with uneasysilence, and propagated through DF, ZDnet, and more.1 And then it was discovered that the Apple iTunes MiniStore does the same. But ValleyWag gives you the good news:

Don’t want to be their guinea pig? Omniture lets you opt out.

Oh wait, really? You can? That’s great! This opt-out link gives you a [[cookie]] called omniture_optout on with a 1 value. But wait, it’s a cookie? That means…

Omniture opt-out explains (emphasis mine):

…it is necessary to install a cookie on your browser. This cookie identifies that you have opted-out. If you delete the opt-out cookie, or if you change computers or Web browsers, you will need to opt-out again.

That’s right. Cookies are stored in your browser. So if you opt-out in Safari or FF, will you be opted-out in a CS3 app? Um, no. Or in the iTunes MiniStore? No.

In the case of the MiniStore, you can just turn it off. But in the CS3 case (and for any other apps that build such communications in) things are trickier. As a commenter suggests on the ValleyWag, it looks like Little Snitch is the best way of clearly opting-out of communications like this. Unless, of course, you want to switch to Vista.

  1. It’s important to give props to our man John Gruber. The ZDNet article jumps on the John Nack train of “you can’t call this disgraceful without looking into it!” But you clearly can see something is suspicious about a url, which was the main impetus for Gruber’s harsh claims. John Nack hath since repented