Podcast Pick: The Bugle, the Audio Newspaper for a Visual World

Now that [[Republic of China presidential election, 2008 the Taiwanese presidential election]] is out of the way, the already pretty boring Taiwanese news has hit a new high in boringness, today asking if closer ties to the [[PRC]] (with [[Ma Ying-Jeou]]’s promise to open up the [[Three Links]] (三通)) means we can have a panda now. No seriously. The people have been waiting.

This, together with my currently daily train commutes, have led me to further explore the world of podcasts. I’m now a proud subscriber of “The Bugle: the Audio Newspaper for a Visual World,” with [[John Oliver]] of [[Daily Show]] fame and [[Andy Zaltman]], distributed by [[The Times of London]]. Like a weekly audio Daily Show, except more British and thus more ridiculous. It’s fabulous fun, and perfect for those of us who hate reading.

Here’s a snippet from this past episode:

USA and Britain are once again at the top!, of the western world’s teenage pregnancies – also called the two countries most committed to the [[war on terror]]. … What it also suggests is, as nations, we get overexcited in the prospect of an easy conquest without really thinking about the long term consequences.

So true.