The Antisymmetrizer

Here’s a tool to linearize a tree following Kayne’s (1994) Linear Correspondence Algorithm. Enter your tree in qtree bracket notation.


α c-commands β iff

  1. α and β are categories
  2. every node that dominates α dominates β</input>
    every node that completely dominates α completely dominates β (warning: can be slow with long input)</input>, and
  3. α does not dominate β</input>
    α does not completely dominate β</input>
    α excludes β (no segment of α dominates β)</input>

The image d(α) is the set of leaves that are dominated by α</input> or completely dominated by α</input>.

Here is the tree we will actually antisymmetrize:


We first create a list of ordered pairs <α,β> where α asymmetrically c-commands β:

A = {}

We now compute the image d of all pairs: ()

d(A) = {}

Here are any and all final linearizations: