In a past life, I was a coder most active in the WordPress and Mozilla (Firefox) spaces. I have now essentially retired from professional coding to focus on my academic work, but still maintain personal connections with these communities. From time to time I also consult and advise startups on language technology issues. You can find some of my most recent (primarily academic and hobby) projects on GitHub.

My most popular open-source project was the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin for WordPress. I was also behind a number of other WordPress projects, including ShrimpTest (A/B testing for WordPress, with Automattic), and have contributed to the WordPress Core. I was also a core developer for the experimental natural language interface Mozilla Ubiquity and the Tab Groups feature in Firefox.

Notable previous clients and employers include Automattic, Mozilla, Gameloft, MIT, the University of Chicago, Vlingo (now part of Nuance), and JDRF.