mitcho Michael 芳貴 Erlewine

Linguist. Fifth year PhD student at MIT.



  • April 2014: “Exploring the Cross-linguistic Nature of Simple and Complex Words and Expressions in Human Language Through Event-Related Potentials” poster at Cognitive Neuroscience Society 2014, with Miwako Hisagi, Sachiko Kato, Hadas Kotek, Ayaka Sugawara, Daichi Yasunaga, Dimitrios Pantazis, Masatoshi Koizumi, and Shigeru Miyagawa.
  • May 2014: “What makes a voice system? On the relationship between voice marking and case” with Ted Levin and Coppe van Urk, at Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association 21.

Areas of interest

  • syntax and semantics of focus
  • movement, quantification, and scope-taking
  • morphosyntax and linearization
  • comparative constructions
  • internet corpora and experiments

In previous work I have worked on: Mandarin Chinese, English, Japanese, Kaqchikel (Mayan; Guatemala), Squliq Atayal (Austronesian; Taiwan).



Selected presentations (handouts, slides)