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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin 2.0

Well, it’s been a while since I updated my plugin YARPP—in my humble opinion the best related posts plugin for WordPress. ^^ Today I release version 2.0, incorporating a number of important requests and bug fixes:

  • New algorithm which considers tags and categories, by frequent request
  • Order by score, date, or title, by request
  • Excluding certain tags or categories, by request
  • Sample output displayed in the options screen
  • Bugfix: an excerpt length bug
  • Bugfix: now compatible with the following plugins:
    • diggZEt
    • WP-Syntax
    • Viper’s Video Quicktags
    • WP-CodeBox
    • WP shortcodes

Check out the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin page on this site, the page on, or download it directly now!

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  • Kaspars

    Hi, Michael. Just want to suggest that you replace admin_head in line 14 of yarpp.php with admin_menu. Here is why.

  • mitcho

    @Kaspars—thank you for the tip. I’ve made the change which you can get in the development version (trunk) right now… it’ll be rolled in to the next point release with what I’m sure will be a few other bug fixes to 2.0.

  • Em Posts

    Great plugin, I found this place from Matt Cutt’s blog. Any particular idea on when you’ll roll out the next version?

  • mitcho

    @emposts, I’m not sure when the next version will be out, though @Kaspars’ bug above has already been released (I think in 2.0.3). Are you looking for some particular feature or bugfix?

  • Em Posts

    I have disabled posts from one of the categories from showing up in the related posts part and I have selected two categories for a post. Will the poor post :( come up in the related posts section in other posts?

    Also some options like Don’t insert related entries in Pages or Don’t insert related posts in all the posts under a particular category/tag should come up when we select Automatically display related posts. Just my opinion, not sure if others will like it.

  • Sherwin Techico

    Just want to say thanks for the plugin (via Matt Cutt’s blog).