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HookPress: Webhooks for WordPress

I recently have spent a little time putting together a new WordPress plugin called HookPress. HookPress lets you add webhooks to WordPress, letting you easily develop push notifications or extend WordPress in languages other than PHP.

WordPress itself is built on a powerful plugin API which provides actions and filters. Actions correspond to events, so you can set a webhook to fire when a post is published or a comment is made.1 Filters let you modify some text when it is saved or displayed, so you can have your external webhook script reformat some text or insert some other content dynamically. Not all actions and filters are supported at this time, but I will continue to add more in.

There’s a webhooks meetup in San Francisco today but I unfortunately left SF this morning, so I created a video which will be played there as a lightning talk. A demo of both types of webhooks are in the video as well.

HookPress: add webhooks to WordPress from mitcho on Vimeo.

I’m really excited by this very simple but potentially high-impact plugin. I’d love to get your comments and feedback on this new plugin and hope to hear how you’re using HookPress!

ADDENDUM: Please also follow HookPress on twitter!

  1. My friend Abi actually has already blogged about HookPress and how it can be used to tweet on post publication

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  • Kerry

    You are a genius… No I really mean it. This is great. Limits to what WP can do are now removed. And you can use whatever development language/platform you choose. Shear genius I say. Congratulations.

    • mitcho

      Hehe, thanks Kerry. I'm glad you get it. I hope to keep improving the plugin and would love your community support—in case you'd like to help spread the word about HookPress!

  • photomatt

    Dude! Let me know next time you're in SF.

    This is awesome.

    We could even enable this on, and it would allow hooking into all sorts of external applications.

    • mitcho

      Hey Matt! I was just in town for work for a few days, but I will definitely let you know next time I make it to SF. Let me know when you come out to Boston as well. :)

      I'm glad you like the flexibility and potential this simple plugin provides! It'd be great to see this type of functionality on as well, though you'd probably be looking at the actions (for notifications) rather than filters just so it won't slow things down. If you'd like to seriously look into this possibility, I'd love to chat. Drop me a line anytime at where x=mitcho. :)

    • mitcho

      FYI, I just submitted this video to as well.

    • Jeff Lindsay

      Yes, webhooks are ideal for hosted services. ;)

      Hey, I'm local and would love to talk about webhooks whenever.

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  • Andy Fitzpatrick

    I think this is a little bit advanced for me at the moment but judging by the reaction of people to it I will definitely bookmark this for later use. Thanks

  • shawn

    Does this work within wordpress-mu so that I can apply the hooks and filters to an individual subdomain blog without effecting the others?

    • mitcho

      No, it currently doesn't work with MU but it's something to look into in the future. Ideally as WP + WPMU are merging in the future, making it multi-user compatible would be a natural transition then.

  • John

    Well ain't sure if the plugin by itself is of any use. The whole conceptual idea of webhooks is kinda amazing though. Only hope it does not open hooks for other services in wordpress.

  • Denis

    This is great.

  • Potty Training

    that is awsome! I cant wait to start using it!! makes things that were once unreachable with wordpress reachable!

  • hard rock

    Kewl stuff!

  • global chef knife

    Webhooks has saved my life. I have a blog that I had wanted to display a unique response every time a comment is made and had been searching for such a plugin for the longest. Thanks.

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