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After the Deadline for Firefox

After the Deadline is a powerful and intelligent proofreading tool which checks for spelling errors, misused words, some grammatical gaffes, and even some stylistic issues. For the past month, I’ve been working for Automattic, the company behind AtD and the makers of, to create a Firefox add-on which enables this superior technology everywhere on the web. Words can’t do justice to the magic that is AtD, so here’s a video we put together:

I invite you all to give it a spin:


Working on After the Deadline for Firefox gave me my first experience creating an add-on from the ground up and I’ve learned a lot. After working on Ubiquity and dabbling with Jetpack, it’s given me another perspective on extensibility on the web and I look forward to thinking and writing more about these experiences in the near future.

In the mean time, happy proofreading! :D

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  • JoeS

    WOW,This would be great if adapted to Thunderbird. Don't care much if I make a grammatical error in twitter. Much worse if contacting a new prospective client. Webmail /Social networks are "play", Thunderbird is "work".

  • Dorus

    I like the idea of this extension, considering my horrible gramar/spelling. However, the enormous amount of bugs i ran into after i installed this made it unusable. Might have something do to with the huge amount of extensions i have installed, but generaly extensions shouldn’t bite each-other. I had context menu items from CS-lite and secure login poping back up, while i have those hidden normally, as well as language switching between the Dutch and English dictionary was no longer possible from the text field context menu. This last problem made AtD especially useless since i had the Dutch dictionary on on a English site.

  • Livio

    But does it support any language more than just English?

  • Szabolcs

    Truly amazing tool, though at the moment it seems to have a passionate hatred for academic writing :D (On the other hand, I wish academics would pay more attention to writing in clear terms. Some people seem to think that 'academic style' = 'writing in incomprehensible terms', even though clear communication is a must for any great paper.)

    I just wish it were multilingual… (or generally, that Firefox had better support for automatic multilingual spell checking)

    A couple of questions and comments:

    F7 is already used by Firefox for enabling caret browsing (probably not many people actually use that)

    Since this is a web service, what are the privacy implications? Is the text transmitted securely?

    It will occasionally eat some of my newlines while doing its job (for example the one between the first two paragraphs of this comment).

  • trini news

    That is an amazing tool, I just have installed on my PC and it works fine, came back to thank you for this amazing add on. THANKS!!!

  • mrbonus

    Very good Firefox add-on. Big thanx!

  • seslichatailesi

    I like the idea of this extension, considering my horrible gramar/spelling.