Singapore 🏝 Summer ☀️ Meeting 👏🏼 2022

July 5, 2022, 10am–5pm

Location: NUS AS8 04-02

The Singapore Summer Meeting is an informal meeting of linguists working in Singapore and the region to share their work in progress.

Singapore Summer Meeting 2022


  • 9:30am: coffee
  • 10–11:45:
  • lunch
  • 1pm–2:45pm:
    • Keely New: Island-sensitivity of wh-the-hell in wh-in-situ languages
    • Tyler Lemon: Low nominative agreement in Uab Meto
    • JJ Lim: Dissociating genitive case assignment and possessor agreement
  • break
  • 3–4:45pm:
    • Kenyon Branan: Some thoughts about copy deletion
    • Meghan Lim: Bridging effects of verbs of creation
    • Ngui Jian Gang: Parasitic gaps and A’-movement in long and short Mandarin bei-passives

The meeting is open and free for all. Organized by Zheng and mitcho. Supported by the Singapore Ministry of Education.