Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka and Theodore Levin, 2017. “On the unavailability of argument ellipsis in Kaqchikel.” Presented at Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics 4, LSA 2017.

We argue against the Anti-Agreement Hypothesis for argument ellipsis—which posits that argument ellipsis is possible only if the argument is not φ-agreed with—with new evidence from Kaqchikel (Mayan; Guatemala). We show that sloppy interpretations of null arguments (described in the literature as indicative of “argument ellipsis”) are unavailable even when the arguments are not Agreed with. This runs counter to predictions of the prominent Anti-Agreement Hypothesis, which Otaki et al. (2013) claim is supported by Kaqchikel. The behavior of Kaqchikel is instead consistent with Bošković’s (2016) proposal tying the (un)availability of argument ellipsis to the NP/DP distinction. On this view, DP languages, like Kaqchikel, are expected to deny argument ellipsis, even in the absense of φ-agreement.