Erlewine, Michael Yoshitaka, Theodore Levin, and Coppe van Urk, 2018. “The typology of nominal licensing in Austronesian voice languages.”
Poster presented at LSA 92.

Many Austronesian languages display a voice system. One argument of each clause (the "subject") is in a dedicated form and/or position, affecting the case-marking and/or word order of other arguments. We posit two parameters to explain case and word order properties of non-subject arguments: (i) accusative parameter: v can/cannot assign accusative case; (ii) last-resort licensing parameter: DPs lacking Case-licensing are licensed by insertion of a case-marker or under adjacency with the verb. Atayal, Tagalog, Balinese, and Toba Batak exemplify the four language types predicted by these parameters. This also makes accurate predictions for other aspects of these languages.