Syntax/semantics reading group at NUS

The syntax/semantics reading group at NUS meets weekly during the semester. Each week we choose a paper to read and discuss, or someone will share their work in progress.


Announcements are sent to the synsem mailing list. Subscribe to synsem on NUS Groups.

2017–2018 Sem 1

We will meet Thursdays at 11am, in the AS5 fifth floor reading room. (Syn/sem talks in the department seminar series are also included, in bold.)

Day Topic/reading
Aug 24 Cole & Hermon 2005 “Subject And Non-subject Relativization in Indonesian”
Fri Aug 25 4pm Helen Jeoung “Alternations in Indonesian C”
Aug 31 Rullmann 1994 “Negative islands aren’t islands”
Sep 7 Yosuke Sato “Particle stranding ellipsis in Japanese, string deletion, and argument ellipsis”
Wed Sep 13 4pm Vera Hohaus “Negative Indefinites and the Degree Equative: A Solution to Penka (2011)’s Puzzle” (joint work with Malte Zimmermann)
Sep 14 Naga Selvanathan “Cleft constructions in Tamil and Anti-agreement”
Sep 21 James Collins 2016 “Composition and definiteness without articles: A case study in Tagalog”
Sep 28 Recess week: no meeting
Oct 5 Athulya Aravind 2017 “Successive cyclicity in DPs: Evidence from Mongolian nominalized clauses”
Oct 12 Dan Lassiter 2016 “Must, knowledge, and (in)directness”
Oct 19 Uli Sauerland 2003 “Intermediate Adjunction with A-Movement”
Oct 26 Kyle Johnson 1991 “Object positions”
Mon Oct 30 11am Trang Phan “A Nano-Syntax account of the Negation Constraint on the Perfect in Vietnamese”
Nov 2 Sauerland & Yatsushiro 2017 “Remind-me presuppositions and Speech-Act decomposition”