Syntax/semantics reading group at NUS

The syntax/semantics reading group at NUS meets weekly during the semester. Each week we choose a paper to read and discuss, or someone will share their work in progress.


Announcements are sent to the synsem mailing list. Subscribe to synsem on NUS Groups.

2018–2019 Sem 1

We will meet Wednesdays at 2pm, in the AS5 fifth floor reading room. (Additional syn/sem events are also included, in bold.)

Day Topic/reading
Aug 15 mitcho on relativization in Tibetan
Aug 22 (no meeting)
Aug 29 Cardinaletti & Starke 1999 “The typology of structural deficiency: A case study of the three classes of pronouns”
Sep 5 Heim 1983 “On the projection problem for presuppositions”
Sep 12 Merchant 2015 “On ineffable predicates: Bilingual Greek–English code-switching under ellipsis”
Sep 19 Huang 1988 Wo pao de kuai and Chinese phrase structure”
Sep 26 Recess week: no meeting
Oct 3 Tham Shiao Wei “Agentivity and the encoding of caused events”
Oct 10 Constant 2014 “Contrastive topic: Meanings and realizations” chapters 1 and 2
Oct 17 Constant 2014 sections 3.1–3.2, 5
Oct 24 Constant 2014 chapter 6 on Mandarin ne
Oct 31 4pm TC Chen at dept seminar
Nov 7 4pm Kenyon Branan at dept seminar


2017–2018 Sem 2

Day Topic/reading
Jan 17 4pm Hadas Kotek “Multiple sluicing, scope, and superiority” (joint work with Matt Barros)
Jan 24 Gunlogson 2002 “Declarative questions”
Jan 31 Norris to appear “Unmarked case in Estonian nominals”
Feb 7 Biberauer, Holmberg, and Roberts 2014 “A syntactic universal and its consequences”
Feb 14 Aldridge 2017 “Extraction asymmetries in ergative and accusative languages”
Feb 21 Fox & Pesetsky 2005 “Cyclic linearization of syntactic structure”
Mar 1–2 Workshop on Current Issues in Comparative Syntax!
Mar 7 (no meeting)
Mar 14 von Fintel 1993 “Exceptive constructions”
Mar 21 4pm Hideki Kishimoto “Revisiting ECM constructions in Japanese”
Mar 28 Soh 2018 “Mandarin Chinese sentence final de as a marker of private evidence”
Apr 4 4pm E McCready “Honorification and Social Role”
Apr 11 Abels 2012 “The Italian left periphery: A view from locality “
Apr 18 Naga Selvanathan “The Malay meN prefix and A-movement”

2017–2018 Sem 1

Day Topic/reading
Aug 24 Cole & Hermon 2005 “Subject And Non-subject Relativization in Indonesian”
Fri Aug 25 4pm Helen Jeoung “Alternations in Indonesian C”
Aug 31 Rullmann 1994 “Negative islands aren’t islands”
Sep 7 Yosuke Sato “Particle stranding ellipsis in Japanese, string deletion, and argument ellipsis”
Wed Sep 13 4pm Vera Hohaus “Negative Indefinites and the Degree Equative: A Solution to Penka (2011)’s Puzzle” (joint work with Malte Zimmermann)
Sep 14 Naga Selvanathan “Cleft constructions in Tamil and Anti-agreement”
Sep 21 James Collins 2016 “Composition and definiteness without articles: A case study in Tagalog”
Sep 28 Recess week: no meeting
Oct 5 Athulya Aravind 2017 “Successive cyclicity in DPs: Evidence from Mongolian nominalized clauses”
Oct 12 Dan Lassiter 2016 “Must, knowledge, and (in)directness”
Oct 19 Uli Sauerland 2003 “Intermediate Adjunction with A-Movement”
Oct 26 Kyle Johnson 1991 “Object positions”
Mon Oct 30 11am Trang Phan “A Nano-Syntax account of the Negation Constraint on the Perfect in Vietnamese”
Nov 2 Sauerland & Yatsushiro 2017 “Remind-me presuppositions and Speech-Act decomposition”