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Modifiying WordPress plugin activation behavior

As I continue to work on and debug Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and WP-Smartdate, I’ve come across an issue where plugin activation fails, but I get no useful error message.

When I try to activate the plugin, I am redirected to a url of the type /plugins.php?error=true&plugin=...&_error_nonce=.... This redirect just gives me the plugins control panel with my plugin still disactivated, and with no useful error message.1 This apparently is an issue with the Plugin Protection mechanism introduced in WP 2.2. A quick fix (hack) is available on the WP forums.

Here’s hoping this helps some people scratching their heads, and that this behavior is reconsidered/fixed in future releases.

  1. Apparently some people get a message like “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.” 

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